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Management of companies requires accurate and prompt financial information for decision-making and performance monitoring. 

At Image, with our complete bookkeeping services, you will get the control you need to manage your company's finances. 

Our accounting staff are highly qualified and trained to respond to our clients' needs, providing effective, timely and cost-effective services. 

The Thailand Accounting Act and Revenue Code set out the requirements for the monthly accounting records required for companies with employees in Thailand. Thai companies are required to prepare accounting records in compliance with the Thailand Accounting Act and Revenue Code. The accounting records are required to be prepared by a certified Thai accountant as set out under the Thailand Accounting Act.

Our Bookkeeping Service is provided by a certified accountant and includes the following:

  • Data entry of your bookkeeping records into accounting software

  • Reconciliation of bank statements

  • Prepare monthly payment vouchers according to supplier invoices and receipts

  • Prepare and submit monthly withholding tax returns

  • Prepare and submit monthly VAT return and VAT report if any

  • Prepare monthly receipt vouchers

  • Prepare monthly journal vouchers

  • Post monthly accounting transactions and close the accounts

  • Provide trial balance, income statements and statement of financial position at year end

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