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We approach our clients' challenges with passion and energy, conducting exhaustive analysis guided by clear hypothesis and deep industry expertise and market knowledge

At Image Group, we specialize in management consultancy, helping companies and private individuals to develop strategies and transform their business. We provide management consultancy services that are designed to optimize the operability of your business. 

Our business is here to help yours, by taking a measured and strategic approach we can map out your cashflows across various scenarios and implement plans to ensure you survive this period of uncertainty. We build fully assumption driven financial models to optimize your business model and maximize the chance of business success.

We work with you to reach your strategic goals. Moreover, our implementation expertise can help you select, design and manage the delivery of business and technology solutions.​ This is achieved through our Business Analysis and Project Management skills.

We are rigorous in our acquisition and analysis of data, but not prescriptive in our approach. We tailor bespoke tools and methodologies for each engagement.

Typical engagements involve extensive primary research, competitor assessment and evaluation of business performance, while always maintaining focus on the key commercial issues and maintaining a strong, supportive client relationship. 

Management Support

We advise on key strategic and operational decisions - from what strategy to pursue to how to deliver it.

Financial Data
Investor Advise

We assist our clients through the investment process - from identifying opportunities to supporting post-deal.

Advanced Analytics

We leverage advanced analytics to help our clients transform business data into a strategic asset.

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