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If you come from another county other than Thailand, it is likely that it has a state-backed Notary Public - a licensed official performing the notarization of documents and other functions. These are important to the public as they guarantee authenticity of the documents, signatures and etc.

At Image, our licensed attorneys in Thailand have received the title of Notarial Services Attorney upon undergoing training to provide notary services in Thailand. 

Our notary services include the following:

  • Authentication of signatures in documents

  • Witnessing contracts and other related documents

  • Certification of affidavits, depositions or testimonies

  • Legalization of documents and their certified translations

  • Notarial certifications of title deeds

  • Notarial certifications of bank statements

  • Power of attorney

Please be advised that some government authorities might require your documents to be officially certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you Embassy in Thailand, or a government authority (due to Thailand not being a signatory to the Hague convention on Legalization of Foreign Public Documents). In such cases, notary services by Thai Notarial Services Attorneys may not be sufficient. Nonetheless, Image can assist in determining the exact requirements concerning the notary services and arrange for your documents to be certified by the relevant authorities in Thailand.

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