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Constructing, modifying, or destroying a building requires a construction license in Thailand. A construction permit will be required in the following cases:

  • Building a new building

  • Modifying or adding to the existing building by:

    • Changing the structure of the concrete, or the material, size, amount, or the type of the building

    • Changing a part of the building whereby the weight will be increased by more than 10%

    • Changing a part of the floor or roof whereby the surface increases or decreases by more than 5 sqm

    • Adding posts or beams

  • Constructing or modifying a building other than the existing approved plan if:​

    • The space between the building and the public area is different from the approved area plan by more than 20%, or the entire area plan is changed​

    • The proportion of structure is different from the existing approved plan by more than 5%

  • Destructing or moving a building​

  • Different usage or changing the usage of the building

  • Modifying or using the parking lot, car entrance and/or exit for another purpose

The total process for obtaining a construction takes up to 45 workings days or more. The maximum is 135 working days.

The penalty for constructing, modifying or destroying a building with the proper construction license is imprisonment for not exceeding three months or a fine of not exceeding 60,000THB, or both. Is is also possible to be fined on a daily basis - not exceeding 10,000THB until the proper construction license has been obtained. 

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