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Registering a trademark provides legal protection against counterfeiting and infringement of your intellectual property. 

Trademark registration in Thailand is carried out at the Thai Department of Intellectual Property and is common for marks used or prosed to be used on or in connection with goods to distinguish the goods with which the trademark of the owner of such trademark is used from goods under another person's trademark. ​ To be able to register your trademark in Thailand, the logo must be:

  • Distinctive

  • Not listed as prohibited under the Thailand Trademark Act

  • Must not be the same as or similar to a trademark registered by another person in Thailand

Once a trademark is registered at the Trademark Office, Department of Intellectual Property, it is protected for a period of 10 years from the approved application date. The trademark registered in Thailand can be renewed every 10 years, as long as the application for renewal is submitted within 90 days before the expiration date. Trademark application takes approximately 6 months or more to process.

An applicant for a trademark must have a permanent place of business in Thailand. Non-resident applicants can only register a trademark by appoint an agent who is a Thai resident and granting them power of attorney. 


To register a trademark in Thailand, we would require:

  • A logo of the trademark in the exact color

  • A copy of the company affidavit 

  • Signed passport copy of the authorized director(s)

  • A signed power of attorney

  • Application for 1 class of goods or services

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