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A magazine is regarded as a "newspaper" in the Publishing Act B.E. 2550. The "Editor" and "Owner" of the newspaper business will need to check if the name of the magazine/printed material is available. Once confirmed, an application can be made at the Ministry of Culture. 


  • The business must be registered in Thailand, with at least 75% (3/4) Thai directors on the board and no less than 70% Thai shareholding

  • The Editor or Owner must be at least 20 years of age, residing in Thailand, not incapacitated, should never have been imprisoned unless for a negligence offence or a minor offence

  • The printer, publisher, editor, and/or owner of the newspaper must provide a medical check-up certificate and be inspected for criminal record with the Royal Thai Police

  • Information required to prepare the application include the name, objectives, language, period of issuance, type of printed material and etc. A sample of the magazine's name and header should also be provided

  • Once a publishing license is issued, the publishing operator is required to apply for an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN)

  • A logo of the trademark in the exact color

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