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Draft Minutes of:

  • Annual General Shareholders' Meeting

  • Extraordinary General Shareholders' Meeting

  • Ensuring management's compliance with Thai corporate law

  • Maintaining statutory registers

  • Notifying management of meetings

  • Preparing and filing necessary corporate resolutions when necessary

  • Custody and use of company seal

The ​Thai Civil and Commercial Code requires that a company shall hold a general shareholders' meeting (AGM) within six months from the date of incorporation, and subsequently on an annual basis. All other meetings are referred to as Extraordinary meetings. The agendas in an AGM usually consists of the following resolutions:

  • To consider and approve of previous year's financial statements and profit distribution

  • To acknowledge the reports on the business operations from the previous year

  • To consider and recommend the rotation of members of the board of directors

  • To consider and approve the appointment of the auditor for the previous year and fix the remuneration thereof


Register and/or Change in Company's:

  • Shareholder Structure

  • Board of Directors

  • Registered Address

  • Name and Corporate Seal

  • Registered Capital

  • Company Objectives

  • Register a Domain Name

  • Share Transfer

  • Social Security Registration

  • Personal Tax ID

  • 90 Day Report on stays

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