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Once your company is incorporated with the DBD, registered VAT with the Revenue department, and has a corporate bank account, you can apply for an import/export license (paperless license). The application process takes 1-2 days which you will receive your company license to carry out import and/or export of your business products.


  • Import/Export license application

  • Copy of company affidavit (updated within 6 months)

  • Copy of VAT certificate (Por. Por. 20)

  • Copy of your first page of corporate bank account and bank statement

  • Copy of seal registration (BOJ 3)

  • Copy of director(s) passport

  • Power of attorney 


Step 1: File an import declaration
  • Fill in Customs Form 99 or 99/1 through the EDI system

Step 2: Prepare supporting documents
  • Bill of Lading or Air Waybill

  • 3 copies of Invoice

  • Packing list

  • Insurance premium invoice

  • Release Form (Customs Form 100/1 or 469)

  • Foreign Transaction Form if the import values exceeds 500,000 THB

  • Import License (if applicable)

  • Certificates of Origin (if applicable)

  • Other relevant documents such as catalogues, product specifications, and etc.

Step 3: Submit documents to customs
  • Submit Import Declaration and all supporting documents to Customs at the port of entry

  • Customs tariff, tax and duty calculation, valuation of goods are also examined at this stage

Step 4: Pay relevant import duties and taxes
  • Payment can be done at the Customs Department, Electronic Fund Transfer via BOT's BAHTNET or Krung Thai Bank or EDI

Step 5: Inspect and release cargo from customs
  • Importer must submit the verified Import Declaration together with the payment receipt at the appropriate warehouse

  • Customs inspectors will then inspect the imported cargo against the Import Declaration made

  • If the inspected cargo corresponds to the Import Declaration made, the customs inspectors will record the inspection result in the computer system and release the cargo to the importer

*The speed at which your goods are moved is key to your cash flow and that depends to a large extent on the proper completion of all the requisite documents and processes. At Image, we can help ensure the fast and secure movement of your goods.

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